SportsHopes Basics: June 25, 2016

SAT (and/or ACT) test scores are required by four-year colleges. Student-Athletes looking to move forward from high school to a four-year college be sure to take the SAT (and/or ACT) test more than once. The newly revised SAT test is in use now. Fee waivers are available for students with financial need. See your high school counselor for assistance. If you qualify for a fee waiver for the SAT/ACT you may also qualify for the NCAA registration fee waiver. Some (but not all) colleges also require the SAT Subject test especially for highly competitive majors of interest such as engineering. Check college admission requirements. When you take the test more than once it provides an opportunity for you to improve your score in each test category. The highest score from each test category is used for college admissions. Example: If you take the SAT test twice and you score higher in Math in test #1 then that score is used. If you score higher in Reading in test #2 then that score is used. Free practice tests are available. Also, the PSAT is often taken first as a preliminary test.

SAT (and PSAT):


SportsHopes Spotlight: June 24, 2016

This photo is of the PAC-12 Student-Athlete college graduates who were chosen by their colleges and the PAC-12 in June 2014 to work in paid six-month internships at the PAC-12 headquarters in San Francisco for the second half of that year. When SportsHopes helps kids to understand the importance of networking while in college and also the importance of working or volunteering part-time for their college (while in college), in their field of interest/passion, it’s because the experiences and connections made are important and can provide life-long career pathway opportunities and friendships. Some of the pictured Student-Athletes worked for their Athletics Departments as did the UC Berkeley “California” Student-Athlete, Dash Oliver, who is a Founding Student-Athlete Mentor for SportsHopes. It’s not easy going to college, working and participating in sports all at the same time but it is doable. Time management, determination, focus and making smart choices are key. It is up to you, you can do it, go get your future!

SportsHopes Basics: June 20, 2016

Sometimes a sport picks you…Be it as an Athlete, Coach, Administrator or Official…Sometimes a sport picks you!

SportsHopes Spotlight: June 17, 2016

Academics count big time for anyone trying to go to a four-year college and this includes of course all Student-Athletes. Four-year colleges have minimum GPA requirements of Student-Athletes and very often the required GPA is a 3.0 minimum or so. It is humbling to meet young Student-Athletes who on the Academic side are trying very hard to go above and beyond the minimums. This week SportsHopes met with Kendall Hefner and her Mom, Beth Hefner. Kendall just completed her sophomore year at Castro Valley High School in CV, CA, where her JV Soccer Team went Overall 12-3-2 and in League 7-1-1. Kendall is a self-proclaimed SoccerGirl who also plays club soccer and is looking to participate in track as a sprinter in 2016-2017. Her total GPA by the way is a 3.94 and she’s very into STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Sophomore year she completed Honors Chemistry, Honors Pre-Calculus and Spanish 3. It’s not easy but you are making it happen. Fantastic job, young lady!

SportsHopes Basics: May 20, 2016

Working tonight with SportsHopes Student-Athlete Mentor, College Grad and Design Specialist, Bri Miller, on a brand new SportsHopes tee shirt. We’ve got a couple of sample drafts so far all of which contain many of the important words reflective of the the high school to college pathway for Student-Athletes. Tee shirts are given for free to Student-Athletes that SportsHopes assists (and often times tee shirts are given to their parent/guardian as well). Thanks so much to Bri and also to Terry Daniel for his awesome idea of putting a colorful word format together in the first place. We are working on it and should have a final version ready by start of new school year, thank you both so much!

SportsHopes Spotlight: May 9, 2016

Local Student-Athlete, Alitta Boyd, has been working extremely hard to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics as a Horizontal Jumper as well as continue to compete at high level meets which involves travel and expenses. She is a great young lady who graduated from Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, CA, followed by graduating from USC and competing in Horizontal Jumps while there. Like many post-collegiate Student-Athletes, Alitta also works a regular job as it is very costly to do what it takes to move forward in one’s passion for all things Track & Field, but she sure is trying. If you can help her get there it would be so much appreciated. Her mom, Diane Blackwell is a retired Oakland, CA, police officer who spends a lot of time volunteering to coach youth. Good luck, Alitta, and thank you Community for any help you can share via her GoFundMe: