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NCAA 2016-2017 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete:
The most important booklet a high school student-athlete and their parents/guardians should read
(outside of a college’s requirements) is the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.

The booklet is revised every year and the academic and core course requirements
are getting tougher! Be in the know so you can go and grow!

2016-2017 publication (ENGLISH version)
2015-2016 publication (SPANISH version) [Updated version is not yet available.]

NCAA Eligibility Center 2016-2017 Eligibility Brochure for College-Bound Student-Athletes:

NCAA – Eligibility Center for Student-Athlete Registration:

NCAA Colleges by Division – DI, Dll, Dlll:

NCAA – Recruiting Calendars 2016-2017 (all sports):

NCAA – National Letter of Intent (LOI) Signing Dates 2016-2017:

NCAA Transfer Guide 4-year college to 4-year college 2016-2017

NCAA Transfer Guide 2-year college to 4-year college 2016-2017