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SportsHopes College Pathway Presentation: August 17, 2016

Get Started: The Basics, is SportsHopes high school to college pathway presentation for student-athletes.. On August 17 we showed the presentation in power-point format at a local gathering, handed out paper copies that reflected the pathway information and handed out the 2016-2017 NCAA “Follow Your Path” brochure. Thanks much to parents and student-athletes who came to learn and share and to local mom Wina Burnama for hosting the meeting at her house. (L-R front row): mom Wina Burnama, mom Maria G. Aquilizan – her daughter, Alexis (Moreau Catholic High pole vault/XC), was not able to attend; Sydney Burnama (Castro Valley High basketball/volleyball); Olivia Gilman-Chun (Castro Valley High basketball/track & field/XC); Bianca Greer (Castro Valley High basketball/volleyball/track); dad Tony Burnama; mom April Greer; dad Vey Kong; (L-R back row): mom Michelle Gilman; Jasmine Kong (Arroyo High basketball/volleyball); Calista Burnama (Castro Valley High basketball/golf); Vivian Woo (Castro Valley High basketball/badminton); dad Phillip Woo. Academics, core courses, SAT/ACT, meeting with your counselor, athletic stats, video highlights, reaching out to college coaches, applying to colleges, leadership and upstanding character are all important pieces of the pathway! Get in the know and go and grow!

SportsHopes Basics: June 26, 2016

Great article attached titled, “Your Next Hire Should Be A Student-Athlete and Here’s Why!”
The author is Dr. Vaughn A. Calhoun who was a Student-Athlete football player while at Rutgers University.

1) Mental toughness
2) Adaptability
3) Teamwork
4) Work Ethic
5) Handles Pressure
6) Coachable
7) Competitor
8) Understands Failure
9) Goal Setter
10) Follow Up and Follow Through

SportsHopes Basics: June 25, 2016

SAT (and/or ACT) test scores are required by four-year colleges. Student-Athletes looking to move forward from high school to a four-year college be sure to take the SAT (and/or ACT) test more than once. The newly revised SAT test is in use now. Fee waivers are available for students with financial need. See your high school counselor for assistance. If you qualify for a fee waiver for the SAT/ACT you may also qualify for the NCAA registration fee waiver. Some (but not all) colleges also require the SAT Subject test especially for highly competitive majors of interest such as engineering. Check college admission requirements. When you take the test more than once it provides an opportunity for you to improve your score in each test category. The highest score from each test category is used for college admissions. Example: If you take the SAT test twice and you score higher in Math in test #1 then that score is used. If you score higher in Reading in test #2 then that score is used. Free practice tests are available. Also, the PSAT is often taken first as a preliminary test.

SAT (and PSAT):


SportsHopes Basics: June 20, 2016

Sometimes a sport picks you…Be it as an Athlete, Coach, Administrator or Official…Sometimes a sport picks you!

SportsHopes Basics: May 20, 2016

Working tonight with SportsHopes Student-Athlete Mentor, College Grad and Design Specialist, Bri Miller, on a brand new SportsHopes tee shirt. We’ve got a couple of sample drafts so far all of which contain many of the important words reflective of the the high school to college pathway for Student-Athletes. Tee shirts are given for free to Student-Athletes that SportsHopes assists (and often times tee shirts are given to their parent/guardian as well). Thanks so much to Bri and also to Terry Daniel for his awesome idea of putting a colorful word format together in the first place. We are working on it and should have a final version ready by start of new school year, thank you both so much!

SportsHopes Basics: April 27, 2016

Shout out to community college / junior college coaches who help student-athletes move forward in various pathways including higher education, career and life in general. Community colleges can be a good choice and STRATEGIC fit for many:
- Economical to attend a community college.
- Financial aid available: FAFSA, Cal Grant, BOG and EOP&S.
- Provides more time to decide on a major and future.
- Can complete lower division general ed college courses first.
- Option if high school core courses, grades or SAT/ACT test requirements not met.
- Option for student-athletes recovering from injury.
- Option for students with personal/family reasons to stay close to home.
Thank You, Coaches! You make a difference!