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SportsHopes College Pathway Presentation: August 22, 2016

Arroyo High School Football Families took time out of their busy schedules to be in the classroom together in San Lorenzo, CA, on a Monday night to learn about the high school to college pathway basics for student-athletes. It takes community to share information, plant seeds of knowledge and help grow our younger generations so [...]

SportsHopes College Pathway Presentation: August 17, 2016

Get Started: The Basics, is SportsHopes high school to college pathway presentation for student-athletes.. On August 17 we showed the presentation in power-point format at a local gathering, handed out paper copies that reflected the pathway information and handed out the 2016-2017 NCAA “Follow Your Path” brochure. Thanks much to parents and student-athletes who came [...]

SportsHopes Spotlight: July 29, 2016

Jacob Boisse is the kind of kid who might be president one day, possibly the first Hispanic-American president ever in the United States. His ancestry is Mexican on his father’s side and Spanish on his mother’s side. He is a hard-working, bright, articulate and determined Student and Athlete who has always wanted to serve his [...]

SportsHopes Spotlight: July 15, 2016

It is young people who will lead us forward to bright futures. Proud to introduce three new Student-Athlete Mentors for SportsHopes. All maintained excellent academics while in high school, are upstanding young people in our local communities and competed in sports while in high school. Congratulations and much appreciation to you all! Donovan Kimball: Donovan [...]

SportsHopes Spotlight: July 9, 2016

Dynamic siblings they are, Terrence “TJ” Daniel and Martina Daniel, of Hayward, CA. In 2016 TJ graduated from University of Oregon with two degrees, a BA in Journalism (with an emphasis in Advertising) and a BA in Social Science (with an emphasis in Applied Economics). Younger sister, Martina, in 2016 graduated from Bishop O’Dowd Catholic [...]

SportsHopes Basics: June 26, 2016

Great article attached titled, “Your Next Hire Should Be A Student-Athlete and Here’s Why!” The author is Dr. Vaughn A. Calhoun who was a Student-Athlete football player while at Rutgers University. 1) Mental toughness 2) Adaptability 3) Teamwork 4) Work Ethic 5) Handles Pressure 6) Coachable 7) Competitor 8) Understands Failure 9) Goal Setter 10) [...]