NCAA 2014-2015 Guides for College-Bound Student-Athletes

NCAA 2014-2015 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete is a great source of information….Know what it takes to be eligible to move forward to college as a student and athlete. If you need help let us know. All assistance is provided free of charge!:

Here is a brief and nifty NCAA 2-page Eligibility Brochure for college-bound student-athletes:

Lastly, for Community college student-athletes who plan to transfer to four-year colleges, the NCAA Transfer Guide contains very important information:

Financial Aid Assistance 2015

It’s time to apply for financial aid if you plan to seek federal, state or private financial aid assistance for the upcoming new school year:

#1: FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

#2: Cal Grant – State aid for California students who attend California colleges:

Note -
There are other financial aid programs available that college or scholarship programs may instruct you to apply for. Please keep in mind that there are often filing deadlines. Also, required criteria can vary.

SportsHopes Spotlight: 1-11-2015

Ian Hutchinson Sportshopes in CaliforniaStudent-Athlete Ian Hutchinson has a passion for earning great grades in high school (including many AP classes) and for competing in the 800m, 1600m and 3200m running events. Ian (pictured here with his father, Jim) is a junior at Newark Memorial High School in Newark, CA. Great work you are doing, Ian! He and his dad reviewed the college pathway with SportsHopes: high school transcript/ academics, SAT test, NCAA registration, financial aid applications, college research, reaching out to college coaches, community service and more.

SportsHopes Spotlight: 12-30-2014

Maria Salter is on track to attend a four-year college of high academics. With her outstanding grades, diligence and hard work she will have many college options. Maria (shown here with her mother, Tatiana), is a junior at Castro Valley High School, an 800m runner (who also happens to like the pole vault) and part of the SportsHopes family. We look forward to watching you go and grow as student and athlete, Maria. We are here to help you whenever needed. Keep up the great job you are doing!

Fundraisers at UC Berkeley November 22 and 29, 2014

SportsHopes volunteers did a wonderful job helping at the final two football season fundraisers held at UC Berkeley. (L-R photo 1): Rob Caravalho, Jeanette Pacheco-Boisse, Diana Souza, Jaime Orlando Garibay, Doris Allen and Jennifer Oliver. (L-R photo 2): Jennifer Oliver, Diana E Rivera, Jeanette Dicochea, Sylvia Ginwright, Monticia Scott and Doris Allen. Thank you all so very much! Your inspiration, dedication, heart, passion and caring help to support the high school to college pathway for student-athletes!

California State University (CSU) application deadline

The California State University (CSU) application deadline is November 30, Sunday, for undergrad students.